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As a new agent, there is no better way to earn a dependable commission than working with a builder selling model homes. You get to stay in one place and the clients come to you. How easy is that? Marketing those homes to the public, however, takes some effort. Luckily, there are many model home advertising products you can use to bring in the sales. 

Direct mail

No matter what you read, direct mail marketing still works, if you do it correctly. A tiny 3" x 5" postcard will not get the job done. No one notices them in between the other pieces of mail they have to sift through each day. If you want to make an impact, choose the 6" x 9" postcards or, even better, the larger 8 1/2" x 11" postcards. Large advertising products are hard to miss. 

Directional signage

One of the most often missed model home advertising products is actually the most obvious: directional signage. Many new housing developments are built just outside of town, where land is more readily available. This means that many people do not automatically know how to get there, which, in turn, drives up the need for directional signage. Investing in proper signage to help direct people to the development is worthwhile. 

Tube man

As corny as they are, a tube man waving in the breeze is eye-catching. Placing one at the entrance to your model home community can draw people in and let them know your construction site is ready for potential buyers. You can turn them off each day as you leave or, better yet, add a spotlight and keep them on all night. 

Advertising flags

Advertising flags are one of the more colorful model home advertising promotions. You can place them in front of the model home that is being used as an office, to let visitors know where you are. You can also line the entire street with them to draw attention to the models. They can be custom printed with any message and in any color you choose. 

Sandwich boards

Consider investing in weather-proof sandwich boards. This type of model home advertising products can be used for many things. They can be printed with the name and square footage of each model, used to list important features, or even deployed to remind potential buyers of record-low interest rates. Placing one in front of each model near the front entrance will ensure that visitors will read the information. 

As a real estate agent, you have many model home advertising products to choose from. Using one works well. Using several together is even more powerful and amplifies your message. 

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