The Most Important Rules For Ordering Wide Format Signage

Brand recall is the ability for a customer to remember your brand after being exposed to it. One way to create branding recognition is with signage. Whether you use signage for events, as way-finding measures, or to share a message, there are three core rules to remember.

Keep reading to discover the most important rules when ordering wide format signage.

Keep in Mind Where It's Going 

The location of your sign determines the resolution, the durability, and the overall design. The material you print your sign on to go outdoors will need to hold up in the rain and the light of the sun. Weather can have a bleaching effect on colors after a while, so keep this in mind while ordering. 

Keep it Short

You have approximately four seconds of someone's attention before they move onto other stimuli. The distraction might be because they're in traffic or simply walking by a store. For this reason, when you make your signage get to the point. Display the core message, the reason for the sign. A common mistake people make with signage is trying to info dump. You only have a few seconds to get your message across, don't waste it with unnecessary information they can get elsewhere. 

Keep it Simple

Graphics should be attention-grabbing. They should utilize bold colors and creativity without being overly complex. The design should not be fighting the message for attention and vice versa.

When using images, go for vectors. Vectors can be sized up for signage without distortion or pixelation. In cases where vectors aren't possible, you'll need to use a resolution that fits the viewing distance. A resolution of 150 to 200 PPI is best for distances over 24 feet while 200 to 300 are best for up close. 

Choose a font that is easily read from a distance like Arial or Helvetica. To calculate the size of your text use this formula: Viewing distance (feet) x 0.034 = Height of text in inches. Use the inch calculation to determine the point size: Height in inches x 72 = Text point size

The company you decide on for your signage should be able to answer questions about durability, file type, and even make suggestions about design. Signs represent your brand's core message and values. If you're new to creating branded materials, use references from competitors to understand what proper signage should look like. Keep these rules in mind to create the media that gets your voice across in the most straightforward and uncluttered way.

For more tips on making wide format signage, reach out to a local marketing company.

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