The 3 Basic Pieces To Start Your Corporate Apparel Collection

As a new business, you want your employees to look uniform and professional. One of the best ways to achieve that is through a custom corporate apparel wardrobe. You want to offer your employees different types of clothing to wear that works with different body types, while keeping an overall uniform look for your business. 

Started Piece #1: Polo Shirt

At the cornerstone of your corporate apparel collection should be a polo shirt. Polo shirts are not just for golfing. Polo shirts have an easy, professional look to them, and they work well with a variety of bottoms. A polo shirt can look just as nice pairs with some jeans, khakis, or a skirt.  

Polo shirts can be part of your employee's regular wardrobe, or you can save them for special networking events and meetings where you want everyone to look uniform and professional. 

Starter Piece #2: Button-Up Shirt

A button-up shirt should be the second piece you add to your corporate apparel collection. Button-up shirts look authentic and put-together at the same time. With button-up shirts, you have lots of versatility with the design. You can add an adjustable collar to the shirt, and you can go with both short- and long-sleeve button-up shirts. Being able to offer both short- and long-sleeve options is nice; some employees may like to cover up their arms, and some employees may normally run a little hot or cold. With both short- and long-sleeve options, employees will have more control of their dress style and comfort. 

Starter Piece #3: Track Jackets

Not everyone is comfortable at the same temperature, which is why you need at least one jacket in your starter corporate apparel collection. A track jacket is a great starter jacket. Track jackets can look trendy and professional and will help ensure that all your employees have a uniform look. They allow your employees to stay comfortable while working. 

With your starter corporate apparel collection, you'll want to use the same company logo or design on all of the pieces to give them a uniform look. You may also want to pick a couple of different colors for each piece in the collection; the colors should match with your overall branding. Remember to order female and male versions of each piece listed above; this will help ensure that the clothing has the right cut and fit for all the employees in your office.  

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