Reverse Appending: The New Direct Mail Marketing Technique

Before the Internet rose to popularity, companies had to rely on direct advertising to reach large numbers of consumers. There is still value in direct mailings, but only if consumers are already interested in your product.

Thanks to modern technology, your company now has the ability to transform web traffic into direct mailing contact lists.

What is Reverse Appending?

Reverse appending is a form of marketing that is classified as retargeting. Essentially, you are utilizing consumers who have already had some exposure to your company's goods or services and marketing directly to them.

Reverse appending falls into this category because it allows you to send direct mail advertising to consumers who have already visited your company's website.

How Does Reverse Appending Work?

To appreciate the true value of reverse appending as a marketing tool, you need to understand how this process works. Each consumer who browses your company's website does so with a computer or mobile device that has a unique IP address.

Advanced reverse appending algorithms use these unique IP addresses to trace the consumer's home or business address. Access to a physical address lets you create a mailing list that is primed and ready to take advantage of the goods and services your company has to offer.

How Can Reverse Appending Benefit You?

There are some serious advantages to be had when incorporating the reverse appending process into your company's marketing plan.

Research shows that a consumer must be exposed to a company's marketing message an average of seven times before they will take action. This "rule of seven" can pose a challenge for businesses, but reverse appending helps overcome this challenge by letting you retarget consumers who already have been exposed to your company.

You will know that your direct mailing dollars are being spent to communicate with consumers that have a high likelihood of purchasing your goods or services, since the first contact your company had with these consumers was initiated by the consumers themselves.

Response rates will he higher when you rely on reverse appending to drive your direct mailing efforts, ensuring a greater return on your investment in advertising and marketing materials.

Successful companies take advantage of new technology when it comes to interacting with consumers and spreading awareness for the goods and services their company offers. You can harness the power that direct mail retargeting can offer by incorporating reverse appending in an effort to improve your company's marketing efforts in the future. 

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