5 Tips to Help You Get Your Event Off Without a Hitch

It is not an easy feat to manage company events—it can really take a toll on you. However, when it is your job, you want to ensure that you plan an event that is not only effective but memorable as well. Otherwise, you could find yourself getting the axe from your boss. So, with that being said, here are a few successful event planning and management tips that will help you out:

Tip #1: Don't Procrastinate—Start Early

As soon as you are told that you are going to be planning an event, start planning it. Don't wait, regardless of the size of the event. Of course, the larger of an event, the more time you'll need to plan. Also, any vendor contracts that you have leading up to the event will need to be completed several weeks prior to the event to ensure that everything is ready to go for the event. Otherwise, you could find yourself with no, say, caterers a week before the big day.

Tip #2: Always Remain Flexible

As you planning an event, it is inevitable that things will change. This could be the event location, the time of the event or possibly even the type of event. Therefore, you need to remain as stress-free as possible and flexible so that you can meet and exceed these ever-changing demands.

Tip #3: Be Ready to Negotiate

As with any type of event, you will be dealing with vendors. They will provide you with a price, and they may tell you it is firm, but there is a good chance it is negotiable. Since there are always unforeseen costs (unfortunately), you will want to negotiate with vendors to get the lowest possible price. Some won't budge, but some will.

Prior to meeting with vendors, calculate your budget so that you know what you can afford and offer roughly five to 10 percent lower. Ultimately, they may fight you on it, but they will more than likely work with you since they will want your business.

Tip #4: Delegate Tasks

You may be responsible for planning the event, but it doesn't mean that you have to handle every single task on your own. Assemble a management team and break up the planning into various sections, such as catering, flowers, tables/chairs, etc., and assign a specific section to a member of your team. Make sure that they report to you on a regular basis how things are going so that you are always in the loop.

Tip #5: Always Have a Backup Plan

If you can pull your event off without any hiccups, then kudos to you. However, this rarely happens, so it is important that you always have a backup plan, and possibly even a backup backup plan just in case. If several problems arise at the same time, you will need to triage them in order of importance and determine whether there is an alternative option or if it should be eliminated from the event entirely.

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