2 Simple Tips To Create A Great Website For Your Small Business

No matter if you are a business owner or freelancer, you probably understand the importance of a good website. From attracting a new customer base to keeping existing clients and customers interested, it is easy to see why you should invest in a good quality website. Without a good quality website, your business can lose existing clients while decreasing your chance of adding new customers. Overall, a website is essential for your small business's growth and success. Here are a few tips to use when creating a great website for your small business.

Content Fit for Royalty

You most likely have heard the phrase "content is king," but you may not fully understand what this means. Content is an essential part of your website, since it will be what your readers see, read, and share with others.

In the past, web content revolved around keywords. Thankfully, stuffing keywords into your content is no longer necessary. In fact, content with high numbers of keywords is actually less appealing to readers. Use the following tips when writing content for your site:

  • Headlines – Your headlines should be interesting enough to grab a reader's attention.
  • Relevant – Include topics that are relevant to your business—product or service descriptions, statistics, and customer reviews are helpful topics to include on your website.
  • Interesting – Visitors to your website should read about your company, product, and service, but you should also include content that is interesting and unique, which will help your small business stand out online from the rest of your competition.
  • Easy to Read – Your website visitors will be bored reading long blocks of text, so break up your content using bold headlines, bullet points, and numbered lists.

Friendly to Use

Visitors to your website should not feel overwhelmed when navigating through your site. Making your website user friendly should be a priority.

Considering a large portion of people search online using a mobile device, your website must be mobile-friendly. Visitors should be able to navigate your website on any device, including a desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

Lastly, your content will be great, so your website should offer easy buttons for sharing. Readers should be able to share your website's content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Google +, and even Pinterest with just a simple click of their mouse.

Creating a great website for your small business can take some work, but it is important to invest the time and energy. With these tips, your website will be interesting, attractive, and successful.

You should also include online submission forms, which enable visitors to contact your business in an efficient and simple manner. Potential clients and customers can request appointments or inquire about a product or service without calling or sending a separate email. 

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