Enticing Potential Customers To Stop At Your Food Truck For A Bite To Eat

If you had just started parking a food truck in an area of your town or city in an attempt to provide passersby with a good meal, you will undoubtedly want to do some advertising to get new customers to make purchases. There are several ways you can piqué interest of those in the area with simple advertising methods using your truck as the sole source of grabbing attention. Here are some tips you can use to enhance the appearance of your truck so those who view it may be curious enough to stop to see what types of food choices you offer.

Make Sure Your Truck Is In A High-Traffic Area So Ads Are Seen

It is best to park your vehicle off a busy roadway or in a parking lot where several people frequent throughout the day. It is important to take time to drive around the town where you serve food during times when traffic is abundant. Driving through a heavily congested area during rush hour or lunchtime will increase the number of people who read advertisements you place on your vehicle. Make sure to have several magnetic signs or stick on lettering on the sides and back of your vehicle specifying the types of food you offer as well as the hours and location you usually park so those who see it in traffic will be more inclined to give your food a try.

Attach Balloons And Pinwheels To Your Vehicle When Parked

To help make your truck visible to those passing by when you are open for business, tie large balloons to the vehicle or nearby trees. Pinwheels can also be used to draw the eyes toward your vehicle as the movement will be sure to attract interest of those driving or riding past. These festive touches will help in getting people to stop to see what you are offering for sale.

Offer A Menu To Those Walking Past Your Vehicle During Off-Times

Place your vehicle in a busy parking lot during times you are not serving food. Those in the area will be likely to read your advertising as the vehicle will not be moving. Place a dry erase board on each side of your vehicle. The next day's specials can be written on these boards, possibly helping you gain customers. Paper menus with daily food selections available can be placed in a magnetic bin so those walking past can take one to browse at their leisure as well.

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