Solid Website Design Pulls In Traffic To A Halloween Website All Year

Seasonal online businesses are going to receive the bulk of their search engine traffic at specific times of the year. A website promoting Halloween merchandise should not solely rely on building traffic during the fall months. Instead, the site should employ website design that draws in traffic all-throughout the year. This way, once September and October arrive, the high volume of visitors who have been following the site during summer and winter are better primed to become customers.

Tapping into Year-Round Horror Fan Traffic

One huge benefit that Halloween-themed merchandise shops have over other seasonal businesses is the connection between All Hallows' Eve and horror movies. Halloween may only come once a year, but horror films are released to theaters, DVD, and cable every single week. By designing the website to be a combination horror movie/Halloween website, the site is going to be ranked in more search engine results and draw in a significant amount of visitors. Employing a few simple components of effective website design helps with this cause.

The Trailer Landing Page

While the bulk of the landing page should promote the business and the products it sells, embedding a URL for a trailer to a top, soon-to-be-released horror movie brings a number of benefits. The trailer draws people looking for information about the movie to the website, and visitors may spend more time on the site since the trailer keeps them focused on the landing page for the duration of the video. Subsequently, the visitors may start checking out the other pages on the site including those featuring merchandise for sale.

In order to have the maximum benefit, the trailer does have to be properly weaved into the landing page. A skilled website designer, such as Scotti Design, is capable of devising a spot for the trailer that accentuates the rest of the page, and not obscures it.

Integrating Marketing-Related Design Components

Adding various well-designed subpages to the website helps boost traffic. Crafting a blog that provides news and commentary about horror movies, books, graphic novels, and television shows is one example. Presenting a message board or creating a private social media site would be another.

Adding these items does have to be done with an attention to marketing-related design. The margins and borders should contain the logo and contact information for the website's primary business. The design should always remind visitors of the commercial aspects of the site. A good designer will ensure the subpages get this information across clearly and effective. The results of such work may prove very beneficial once October 31st roles around.

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