Unusual Advertising Ideas

Advertising is key to building a business' customer base, increasing foot traffic, and generally growing the success. However, many Americans are over-marketed to, meaning that they see so many advertisements each day that they tune the majority of them out. In order to break through this fog, you are going to need to employ some more interesting marketing strategies. Here are some unusual advertising ideas to make sure that your advertising reaches the ears and eyes of someone who might want your product or service.

1. Project Your Logo Onto a Building at Night

One option is to go downtown of the city where you are located or where a large potential customer base lives and scout out a few buildings that are three stories taller or more. Then, talk to the owners of these buildings and see if they would be willing to allow you to project your logo on their building at night, after all of their employees and customers have left. Many building owners will say yes, especially if you offer them a small financial incentive.

Once you have the permission of the business owner, purchase a logo projector. This logo projector essentially takes the silhouette of your logo and blows it up so that it is approximately the size of 2 to 3 stories of a building and projects it forwards. Set up the projector so that it is facing the building in a building across the street and program it so that it turns on at night. Many people have never seen this particular marketing strategy before and will be curious about your company.

2. Hand Stamps

Talk to concert venues in the area and see if they would be willing to use a stamp that has your logo on it, rather than any other stamp, to mark people who are underage and cannot drink or to mark people that have already paid for a ticket. This essentially puts your brand on the body of everyone that goes to the concert and allows you to increase your company's exposure. Rubber stamps and ink are relatively inexpensive as well, so this is an extremely cost-effective marketing strategy.

3. Graffiti

Finally, talk to business owners with blank walls on the outside of their buildings if they would be willing to allow you to apply your logo or company name with spray paint. If you make your advertising efforts look like graffiti, then you will be able to capture the attention of the youth and become a household name.

For more information, talk to advertising agencies in your area.

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