Why You Should Be Using Aerial Advertising

If you have a budget set for the advertising costs for your business, you may have not even considered aerial advertising. You can choose from banner and balloon advertisements, as well as skywriting. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider it so you can bring new customers to your door.

Captures Attention

When you advertise through the newspaper, passing out flyers, or online, you never know who will actually see it or even take the time to look at it. You can use aerial advertising to capture the attention of a lot of people if used during a crowded event, such as at a football game. Most people will look up if they hear the sound of a plane, and then see your advertisement. A professional aerial design company, like High Exposure Inc Aerial Advertising, can also help you design your banner in a way that uses the right colors, images, and letter fonts, ensuring to attract your audience's attention.

Costs Less Money

With traditional advertisement, you have to pay to put your advertisements in magazines and newspapers, and have to purchase flyers over and over. All of these advertisements could be a waste of your money if they do not provide you with results. With aerial advertising, you may only have to pay one cost for the advertisement flight. The only thing you will have to do is choose a design, and choose the location you want your advertisement to fly over. You also save money because you get the advertisement in front of a large group of people at the same time. The actual advertising costs and depend on the company you hire.

Does Not Intrude

With aerial advertising, you do not intrude upon anyone. They will not receive your advertisements in the mail, or have one of your flyers passed to them. They will not have to increase the amount of trash in their home when they throw your advertisement away. It is completely up to them if they choose to look up at your banner or balloon. It can even give people entertainment, as they may think it is a fun distraction from what they are doing.

Will Be Remembered

When someone reads a newspaper ad, a flyer, or an advertisement online, they may forget about it as soon as they walk away.  Because aerial advertising is so different, people are more likely to remember what they saw. This is especially true if you are creative, such as using a balloon aerial advertisement. For example, if you have a real estate business, you could have a balloon in the shape of a house.

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