How To Jazz Up Your Display Booth To Attract Potential Customers

If you are trying to showcase your product or service at a trade show, job fair, or a similar exhibit, you will want to make sure you have an area set up that will attract people to come see what you are offering. Using a display booth is a great way to look professional while making your business look interesting. Here are some ways to make your display booth stand out from the ordinary.

Think Outside The Box

When you think about how you want to set up your trade show booth, being unique is key. The display will be more important in enticing people over, than the product or service you are offering. 

Color schemes work great when setting up a booth. Pick one or two colors and carry them through in every aspect of your booth, from banners to the colors of the shelving. Too many colors can be distracting and overpower the look of your booth. You do not want it to look too busy, as that may scare away customers.

Set up a booth with all black decor and use fluorescent posters with a black light over them to brighten the colors. Try having a spin-the-wheel game to give away prizes. Play fun music and have someone dress up in a costume to hand out brochures as people pass by. These are examples that would help make your display booth memorable.

Table and Tablecloth

The area you are showing from should have a table to hold your wares. Make it long enough to hold a bunch of sample products, as well as reading material that you want potential customers to take away from the show. A tablecloth will cover up distractions from behind the table. 


Display your products in a neat and orderly manner. Don't just slap them down on a flat table and expect people to want to look at what you are selling. You will want to make your products visible from across the room or from the other side of the pathway at the fair. You want to draw people over. Use shelving to pop your products up into sight. Small crates or cubes can be used and placed strategically on a table.

Walls And Ceilings

You can make your booth more intriguing by inviting consumers to come inside. There are tent like tops that can be purchased and assembled on top of legs so that you have a ceiling to cover your booth from harsh sunlight or precipitation. This will save your products from ruin, as well as cover the customers. You can buy booth walls to put behind your display. These can be personalized with a company logo, if desired.

Extras To Advertise

There are so many ways to advertise your business at a show. Use items such as flags and banners outside of your booth so people can see them from walkways, subliminally telling them to turn their head to look at your booth. Balloons or lights can catch people's eyes, drawing them to come see what is going on in your booth. Use things that will trick the senses to walk over, such as music or flashy, bright colors.


Offer samples if possible. People love things that are free. You will be more apt to make a sale if you give a glimpse of the product you will be buying. Make sure samples are given with brochures or business cards for future sales. Visit if you need a display booth.

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